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What’s Planira?

Planira is your go-to app for effortless collaborative planning. Plan events, trips, or projects using templates or from scratch and invite participants with just a link — no sign-ups required!

Enhance your plans with interactive calendars, to-do lists, and location votes. Simplify coordination, enjoy your events, and let Planira handle the details.

  • Timer icon Choose to only focus on one thing with the Quick start option or solve multiple things simultaneously with a full blown Planira
  • Message icon All discussions will be centered and focused around a topic automatically
  • User check icon Create polls and rate options, discuss and decide together as a group
  • Plus iconNo registration, all you need is an invite to get started
  • Bell that's ringing icon Easily see and track any activity to stay up to date
  • Mail with a check icon Receive curated email updates to never miss out on an update or reminder
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Coordinate availability with ease using Planira's visual calendar, where everyone can select and share their free dates.

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Cast votes on locations, see all options on a map, and let the group's preferences lead the way to the perfect location with Planira's Location card.

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Effortlessly manage group expenses with Planira's Expenses card, tracking shared costs, fairly splitting bills, and settling debts with minimal fuss.

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Make group decisions a breeze with quick polls, allowing members to vote on options or preferences effortlessly

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Create shared to-do lists, assign tasks, and track progress as every member checks off items for seamless collaborative action.

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Never miss an important date with Planira's Reminder card, sending timely email alerts to every member when it matters most.

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Keep all essential details in one place with the Information card, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page.